Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

About Me


I’m Taylor. I’ve been married to my cute husband for 5 years and we have two adorable kiddos. We currently call Boise, Idaho our home and love it here. I have a BA in secondary education from BYU, and while I love teaching, I found my true passion for nutrition about three years after I graduated from college when I had my first child. In December of 2018, I graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition  as a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and I feel like I’ve found my true calling. 

Food Philosophy

I encourage my clients to eat whole and unprocessed foods. I don’t believe in dieting; I believe in changing the way you eat and live and are. Eat real food. Eat fresh food. Be mindful while eating. Invest in your health. Drink lots of water. Feel good about what goes into and onto your body. That’s what I am passionate about and that’s what I hope to share with you.