coaching moms through postpartum nutrition

About Me


I’m Taylor. I’ve been married to my cute husband for 5 years and we have two adorable kiddos. We currently call Boise, Idaho our home and love it here. I have a BA in secondary education from BYU, and while I love teaching, I found my true passion for nutrition about three years when I had my first child.

I ate poorly through my whole first pregnancy and gained 55 lbs, which on my smaller, 5′ 4″ frame felt like a crushing amount. On top of all of the postpartum emotions, I felt terrible about myself. But because I was trying to find time to adjust to taking care of this tiny, new human in my world, I didn’t focus on myself until about 6-months postpartum. My brother-in-law had been experimenting with a vegan diet and it really inspired me to start adding more whole foods and produce into what I ate. About 6-months later when my son was one-year-old, I was finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling more like myself. 

My second pregnancy was significantly healthier. While I still indulged (late night Taco Bell cravings were a thing), I knew how to take care of my body and fuel it with whole foods. I gained a healthy 35-lbs and then was able to lose all of it in just 4-months simply by eating healthier. While weight loss wasn’t my focus, eating healthier did help me feel better about myself and was my own form of self-care in the midst of taking care of another tiny, new human. In addition to the weight-loss, I also found that eating healthy helped my mental state and in addition to some anti-depressants, I was able to combat my postpartum anxiety and depression with a healthy diet. 

That year, I decided to turn my passion for eating healthy and cooking into a career. In December of 2018, I graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition as a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and I feel like I’ve found my true calling. I’m passionate about postpartum self-care, health, and nutrition. 

One of the best ways I’ve found I can help postpartum moms is to help them learn to meal prep and educate them on healthy, easy snacks so that when they are hungry but SO busy, they have something to reach for that will help them feel great. I also educate about foods that will decrease inflammation (as that’s been related to depression and brain health), help balance hormones, and keep you full through out the day. 

Food Philosophy

I don’t believe in postpartum dieting; I believe in changing the way you eat and live and are. Eat real food. Eat fresh food. Be mindful while eating. Invest in your health. Drink lots of water. Feel good about what goes into and onto your body. Don’t crash diet to lose the pregnancy weight and start feeling like yourself again; just start slowly changing the way you live and the rest will all follow.